Introduction: Aether!Papyrus

Aether!Papyrus is the brother of Aether!Sans, and a friend of most of the monsters in the Spirit Domain.

He is a tall skeleton, whom is the Angel of Forgiveness. As the member of the Royal Guard, Papyrus struggles to keep his priorities straight, but still remains as a Sentry for Undyne, despite being a Guard. Due to this, he still spends the significant amount of time with his brother, and keeps his bubbly, forgiving personality. When the human ascends to their domain, Papyrus is the first to encounter them instead of Sans, and does his best to keep peace with the human, whilst enforcing a bond between them and his brother. Papyrus is consistent in his actions and personality, even during the RESETs and the alterations of routes of the human.

Papyrus' SOUL and Angelic Abilities:

Papyrus has the soul of "Forgiveness," and is often a push-over when persuaded right. His soul is a mixture of a bright cyan and a lime green, the mixture of Patience and Kindness. Due to his SOUL, he becomes the Angel of Forgiveness, and uses his abilities in situations relevant and in need of his care. He is versatile with situations, but all have the same intended outcome, which is when the ones at conflict are in peace with each other and have forgiven each others transgressions. Sometimes, his job is a bit rougher and tough, since some are experts at holding grudges, but he works hard at his job, and enjoys it.

There have been times when Papyrus has to correct his brothers actions, and aids him in the forgiving process, even when he dies in the Genocide route.

Aether!Papyrus: Actions and Occurrences in the Routes

  • Pacifist Route:

Within the Pacifist Route, Papyrus has a bit of an easy job in aiding the promotion of forgiveness, so he focuses more on promoting forgiveness in other domains, even the Discord Domain. He even tries to mend the tension between the Angel of Discord and other Angels, but fails at many attempts, even returning back to the Spirit Domain with injuries. He still tries to help the Angel of Discord, but puts more of his priorities on the inhabitants instead of the ruler. Papyrus and Frisk aid each other with mending situations, and have been successful with many.

  • Neutral Route:

Within the Neutral Route, in which Frisk spares and kills chosen monsters, Papyrus struggles to keep Sans under control, whilst trying to remain in tact with his SOUL and forgive the human for their actions. He doesn't focus too much on the other domains, but keeps them under check. While Sans feels the need to act on the situation, Papyrus tries to instill the value of forgiveness in Sans' soul to hold him back, but Sans sometimes finds it difficult to follow his brother's advice. Even when Frisk feels guilt for what they had done, Papyrus tries to help Frisk forgive themself, but his efforts fail when they reset.

  • Genocide Route:

Within the Genocide Route, in which Frisk kills all the monsters, Papyrus finds it difficult to mend others, so he focuses more-so on himself and the monsters. He tries to change Frisk, but his efforts continuously fail.

Before he is killed:

Becoming aware of the human's actions, Papyrus sets out to help monsters forgive the human, but the ones he helps end up being slaughtered later, arousing desperation and fear in him to help as many as he could, even the human. Through many attempts, Papyrus struggles to set an example for the human, but they keep progressing in their actions. Sans tries to exercise patience with the human, even advising them to listen to Papyrus, but he predicted that the human would continue in their actions. Papyrus eventually confronts the human, but this confrontation would lead to his downfall.

After he is killed:

Papyrus tries to mend the human and redirect their course, even choosing to forgive her for all that she has done, but is killed in the process. He dies the same way as he dies in Undertale, except, instead, he tells the human that he forgives them, then fades to dust. Despite his death, Papyrus knew that he still had work to do, so he became a counter-part of Sans' SOUL, still existing, but as a ghost whom can only be seen by Sans. Papyrus now tries to mend Sans, knowing that Sans is broken, but Sans rejects Papyrus' advice and chose to trace the human and their kills, letting anger and sadness bubble in his soul, which eroded Papyrus' forgiveness that was instilled and replaced it with Justice. Eventually, Papyrus let Sans do his thing, and watched the bloodshed in the Judgement Hall. When Sans dies, Papyrus holds a grudge against himself for not helping out sooner, and this feeling stays, eroding Papyrus and making him a fallen angel.

Aether!Papyrus: Attacks and Abilities

Papyrus has no possession of a FIGHT option, and only has the ACT and FORGIVE buttons. His HP is relatively the same as the game, and he cultivates no LOVE.