Introduction: Aether!Sans

Aether!Sans is the eldest brother of Aether!Papyrus, and is the most well-known Angel of the Spirit Domain.

His is relatively short, but is the same height as the ascended human, and is also the Angel of Cosmos, or Angel of Order. He doesn't have any special roles, but is rather just a Sentry, guarding the posts of the Spirit Domain and keeping other domains under order in specific areas. He does not monitor the Discord domain. Sans is ominously serious, which is completely opposite of his brother, but he does have his soft spots for jokes and puns. When the human ascends to their domain, Sans is one of the monsters who meets the human once they are introduced by Papyrus, whom tries to enforce a trust bond between the two. Sans is very subjective to RESETs and alternations of routes. His appearances drastically change throughout the resetting of the codes, and so does his attitude of the human once he became aware of them.

Sans- Angel of Cosmos: Why the Cosmos?

Cosmos, when looked up on Google, has a very significant meaning that contributed to Sans' SOUL properties and abilities. The term cosmos has a meaning of "the universe seen as a well-ordered whole," which contributes to his alternate title of Angel of Order. Sans is very focused on keeping domains in order, as far as justice is concerned, so the title suited him well.

Sans's SOUL and Angelic Abilities:

Sans has two alternate SOUL traits alongside his Justice and Patience, one being Retribution and the other being Tolerance, Retribution mostly being activated once it comes out that the human is going the neutral and/or genocide route, and Tolerance activated during the Pacifist route. He uses his abilities to maintain order among the domains, acting as a criminal court judge for people who cause chaos within domains, or ones who work as secret spies and terrorists of the discord domain. The outcome he seeks is for justice to be served, and for punishment to be exercised against the criminal. This job puts Sans in an internal misery and despair, as he is constantly the first to see the injustices going on, and the evil avenging tactics of the Discord domain. The instances mentally impair him, making him more distant and, at times, hostile towards criminals and suspects.

Aether!Sans: Actions and Occurrences in the Routes

  • Pacifist Route:

In the Pacifist Route, Sans focuses his work more among the other domains, and even within his own, as he monitors the human's actions and the actions going on within other domains at the same time. His main SOUL trait that he exercises toward the human is Tolerance, since he doesn't completely trust the human, but tolerates their presence amongst the ones he loves; especially Papyrus. In regards to the other domains, he exercises Justice and and Retribution, mostly against the Discord Criminals.

  • Neutral Route:

Within the Neutral Route, Sans loses his grip on Tolerance, and is rather sour towards the human, and a bit fearful. Since Papyrus spends a lot of valuable time with the human, Sans becomes even more hostile towards the human, and even confronts them for a battle in the Ascended Falls, only to spare them with a death warning. When the human resets, Sans becomes aware of this, and is drastically changed within his state, including his clothing, his own physical body, and eye.

  • Genocide Route

Within the Genocide Route, Sans is most hostile towards the human, and even seeks out to eliminate them. His soul traits are more on Retribution and Justice against the human instead of the other humans, so he pushes aside his role as a Sentry in other domains and pursues the human.

Before he is killed:

Sans becomes aware of the human's actions and seeks them out, with an intent to patiently change them, just as his brother had pressured him to do. However, when it becomes clear that the human planned to continue in their path, Sans pushes Patience aside, and pursues the human within the shadows, finding pieces of evidence of the human's daily kills, and follows the human's kill trail. His pursuit lead him to find evidence of his brother's death, which sends him into a rage, changing his appearance further. He continues to pursue the human with a fiery revenge planned against them. He eventually unexpectedly confronted the human in the Judgement Hall, and a heated, deadly battle ensues, him mostly focused on an intent to kill rather than change, but it seemed the human had the same intent, and they were successful.

After he is killed:

Once Sans ran out of LOVE, which actually provided him with his extreme abilities in fighting, including the fueling of his Ultimate attack, the Aether G-Blaster. Once this happened, he was stuck with his basic attacks, such as the normal Bone Spear and Cosmic Telekinesis; however, these attacks weren't essential or powerful enough to do dramatic damage on the human as he pleased. Eventually, once his energy drained low, his attacks became weaker, and his attention span and thought process slowed, giving the human an opportunity to do a drastic blow on his rib cage through his jacket, eliminating him of his HP. Slowly suffering, and still trying to fight the human to keep them from proceeding on to Asgore, Sans keeps giving the human death warnings, and catches a glimpse of Papyrus- which gave him an emotional breakdown as he faded into dust. Once losing confidence in his own ability to protect order and stability, Sans' SOUL trait crashed, and he became a fallen angel.

Aether!Sans: Attacks and Abilities


Aether!Sans has a harvest of attacks that he uses to carry out his attacks:

Cosmic Telekinesis:


The G-Hammer:


Bone Spear:


Cosmic Descender:


Aether G-Blaster: