The Destiny Domain is the domain of primary residence for the elemental power of Fate. It is also the residence of the Angel of Fate alone. 


Toxin Age

The Destiny Domain was once a forest in which life had died out due to the excess of gaseous poison within the air. This poison is toxic to any living organism, and still exists within the Discord Domain. At first, inhalers of this poison will experience little to no side-effects for a period of time. As the poison settles within the body, it kills living cells and stops important body functions, slowly killing it's victim.

Reformation Age

After the deaths of many victims due to the toxic air, Mother rid the environment of every poison-producer at the cost of some of her power, slowly cleaning the environment and making it safe for life to flourish. After a period of a few years, Fate was sent into the domain to complete the cleansing of the environment, and make it his own domain.