Introduction: Elise Langradien

Elise Langradien is one of the civilians who inhabits the Destiny Domain. As an elder woman and owning her

own floral business, she had lived through the Toxin Age, but survived by means of her floral creations and growth, such as the one she calls the "Destiny Orchid." The Destiny Orchid, which she had hand-grown and raised, gave off an aroma that was pleasant, which fought off the gas in her area of the Destiny Domain. She lives to tell of the stories of how life was prior to the way it is not in the domain, and promotes trade with the Discord Domain, so that they can fight off the gas with ease.

Elise and her "Destiny Orchid"

Elise did not go about full natural means to produce and maintain this life-saving plant. With the assistance of the Angel of Fate, Elise was able to use her own supernatural abilities to raise an ordinary orchid that had grown spontaneously in her garden. This orchid came to be known as the "Destiny Orchid," by other domains because of its assisted production efforts by the Angel of Fate. The orchid adopted some of the Angel of Fate's power, and was found to be able to fight off the poisonous gas that plagued the domain at that period of time.

Elise Langradien: Past Experiences and Bio

Elise was born by her parents Bota and Parrenia, both who owned their own botanical joint-business.While her father, Bota, dealt more-so with farming and crops, her mother, Parrenia, dealt more with the floral plants. Elise always had a special attachment to flowers than crops, so she sought out to study more on floral plants than what her father really wanted her to pursue. One of Parrenia's favorite floral plants was the orchid, due to its vibrant colors. Elise grew an attachment to orchids ever since, and enjoyed assisting her mother in caring for the ones at their old home, which had residence in the Destiny Domain, under them protection of the Angel of Fate. However, when the Toxic Age hit the domains, her parents were killed while trying to relocate Elise to another part of the Destiny Domain.

Being raised as an orphan in an orphanage, Elise grieved over the loss of her parents, and felt distraught and despondent. The only memory she had of them was the small orchid growing in her father's corn seed pouch. As soon as she reflected upon the events in her early life, Elise decided to use her knowledge of flowers to develop the ultimate weapon against the gases. After years of trial and error, Elise finally was able to help the orchid grow, but the orchid died later near her mother's grave. Feeling out of options, Elise retired from the project to pursue an education, so that she could start a life. This lead her into the opening of her own floral business, which she operated on her own without help. After years of operating, with the Toxic Age still occurring, Elise got a strange surprise one day when she went out to care for her flowers. An orchid, similar to the one she had from her mother, had grown near her mother's grave right in the middle of the cluster of daisies. Puzzled, Elise studied the orchid, and resumed her project of countering the gases, putting her in unity with the spirit of the Angel of Fate, whom was contributing her power to the project. Soon, the project was successful, and Elise used it as a protection against the death smog lingering in her part of the domain.

Distribution of the Life-Saving Product:

Elise was well-aware that her domain was not the only one affected with this gas. Other domains, such as the Discord domain, we're suffering from the gas as well, and had no way of preventing it from their homes and families. With the power of the Angel of Fate, Elise was able to produce and distribute the flower to many domains that were infected with the Toxic gas, but distribution to the Discord Domain was made difficult, as the Angel of Discord would reject trade with other domains, even if the products saved lives. Elise tried desperately to appeal to the Angel of Discord, hoping that the Angel would consider her product and give it to the domaon's inhabitants, but he refused. As many people of the Discord domain suffered from the gases, by means of trafficking, some had the flower in their possession, using it to save their families from harm. Elise, despite her discouragement of the matter, made a lot of profit from thankful families. During distribution, she met a man by the name of Reagan, and they got married soon before the end of the Toxic Age, helping to save lives.

Even after the Toxic Age had passed, the "Destiny Orchid" remained in circulation, and was said to bring good fate from the Angel of Fate. In elder age, Elise had passed down the business to her daughter, Sarah, but continued to operate in the business, whilst growing many more plants, and even crops.