The Impetus Doman is the primary residence of the elemental power and Angel of Progress,


Anarchy Age

The Monarch Age was the first age of the Impetus Domain, characterized by economic and political chaos. Before it became the domain for the Angel of Progress, it was a kingdom ruled by a young monarch with no experience in controlling the government. This inexperience paved the way for many protests against the king, assassinations, and rebellions and revolts. In only a matter of months, the royal family was lynched, and rebels overthrew the government in a violent coup d'etat.

Tyrannical Age

After the murder of the royal family and the overthrowing of the government by the rebels, changes began to take place in the government. The monarchy was abolished, a tyrannical dictatorship taking its place, Opposition to this dictatorship was handled with executions and banishment of the opposers to an island. Those banished to this island became slaves, and eventually died from lack of nutrition or disease.

Reformation Age

Mother eventually took notice of the chaotic dictatorship, and the cruelty of its ways. Consequently, she allowed the ruler of the dictatorship to be murdered by one of his advisors, ridding the government of a leader. Chaos ensued once again, until the Angel of Progress was sent after her training to bring peace to the people, and make the kingdom her domain.