Introduction: Ravana Arata

Ravana Arata is one of the characters that inhabits the Discord Domain. As the leader of advocating against the

banishment of the Angel of Discord, he soon became the next ruler of the Discord domain, fighting against he true angels in other kingdoms. He never reveals why he is against the other true angels from the beginning, but his background information is sure to provide hints and pieces of the motives.

What does his name mean?

  • The term Ravana is an Indian child name, meaning "Unjust King." When Ravana just assumes rulership for himself, he passes laws and regulations that violated people's rights, whilst going against the laws himself. He was very hypocritical, and much of an unjust dictator, putting others in chaos when causing conflicts and going against the other kingdoms and their angels.
  • The term Arata is a Japanese name, meaning "fresh, new." Ravana was the first of his kind to be an initial angel of one domain, but then turn against it and become a part of the Discord Domain. His ideas and dictatorship struck a time of new technology and tactics, in which he used his evolved intelligence against the other domains to claim power and "justice" for the Angel of Discord.

Ravana Arata: Past Experiences and Bio

When Younger:

Raised by an Indian father and a Japanese mother as the only child, Ravana had it all. His father ran his own marketing business, while his mother was a clothing designer. The family had residence in the Sentiment domain, under the control of the Angel of Joy and the Angel of Sadness. Ravana did not always have the name of "Ravana Arata," instead, his birth name was Aanat Akio, which meant "humble, infinite" and "bright, manly." Arata was a highly respected boy of his social class, and was very smart, sometimes even out smarting his elders in cheatsy acts and practices. His mother taught him the values of respecting elders and even young children, and raised him to becoming a manly, respectable being. However, despite the good qualities of his mother, Arata's father was very haughty and hungry for social power. He often resulted to forced labor in his established working place, and dictated over his employees, customers, and marketing status. He was mostly feared, but had significant alliances with the Angel of Sadnesz.

When growing up, Arata began working for his father, and was exposed to his father's evil qualities, whilst being separated from his mother more. His father fed into his heart the desire of control and power of beings, and taught his son to use his intelligence for his own gain and against others. Soon, Arata took up training in martial arts to boost his skills in fighting and violence, which would lead him to turn towards treason and against his birth domain. Arata lacked connections of positive emotions, and turned rotten in his spirit, gaining a lack of harmony with his birth domain, and his own mother. Soon, Arata grew into a disagreement with his mother, who reflected the qualities of the Angel of Joy, whilst he reflected the qualities of the Angel of Discord. Soon, Arata betrayed his family domain, and was charged with treason, in which he turned down and fought against. He became one with the Angel of Discord, and retreated to the Discord Domain for refuge against the soldiers sentenced against him.

Life Under Discord and Disfunction:

Arata and the Angel of Discord were in one piece, as they supported each others ideas. The Angel of Discord noticed Arata's intelligence and capabilities of leading a chaotic display of advocacy, and therefore used this ability to his advantage in fighting against the other domains. The inhabitants of the Discord domain lived their own lives to their fashion, which was chaotic and disfunctional, but that's how the Angel liked it. Being trained under the Angel's guidance, Arata was given a new name, that of what he goes by now.

Activity after Banishment:

The Angel of Discord's actions weren't tolerated long, as he had been indicated as one whom was not a real Angel. Therefore he was banished, but his domain remained. This gave Arata the opportunity to carry on the Angel of Discord's work, as he used the skills taught in his youth to fight his way to becoming the dictator of the Discord Domain, advocating against the Angel of Discord's banishment.