The Sentiment Domain is the territory ruled by the elemental powers of Joy and Sadness. Within this domain resides the Angel of Joy, and the Angel of Sadness.


Paralysis Age

Before this domain came into existence, it was an empty landscape of harmful gasses that paralyzed and eventually killed whoever set foot into it. These gasses paralyzed their victim by entering the body and using the oxygen within the body to produce parasitic bacteria that coated the insides of the victim. The moment the bacteria had begun reproducing so much as to form a thin film on the insides, the victim feels a significant draining of energy until the body can no longer function properly. This process takes under 30 minutes to complete, and after paralyzation of the victim, the bacteria feed off of their organs and bones until the victim has completely decomposed.

Reformation Age

After the decomposition of many victims due to the gasses, golden speckles of Joy began forming on areas of decomposed bodies and slowly grew in number until the entire landscape glowed golden. The magic within these speckles naturally fought off the harmful gasses that existed, making the area habitable. Life brought about by the Mother soon began to flourish within this area, and after the training of both angels, Joy and Sadness, they were sent to live within the this landscape and make it their own domain.